In dominating the world of e-commerce website, you should compete from the aspect of the website design.  However, there are many common mistakes that were made by the web marketer and it could reduce the possibilities to increase the number of visitor and increase the market sales of your digital business.

Here are the common mistake on e-commerce website:

  1. Doubtful design

There is a study that been conducted whereby the researchers discovered that the design on e-commerce website plays a huge role compared to the content on the website for the users to decide on the trustfulness of the website. In other words, if the design on the website seems to be vague and unclear, the user will feel hesitate to open the website as they have their personal trust issue with the website.

By that, as the web developer, you should not simply being in charge with the web design unless you have proper ability and credibility in designing a proper e-commerce website.

How to do that?

  • By using reliable and tested e-commerce platform.
  • Up-to-date e-commerce design.
  • Proper theme that portray the product and service offered.
  • Invest more on the design of the e-commerce website.
  1. Low responsiveness

It is compulsory for the e-commerce websites to have high responsiveness on any devices the website are being view in.

Among the problems that related to e-commerce website that usually related to the mobile responsiveness:

  • The layout of the website seems to be not fitted in.
  • Low website performance.
  • Difficulties in managing the online transaction.

It is a fact whereby at least 51% of adult are making their online purchase on their smartphone and that number keep increasing. On the online spending perspective, more than 21% are being done on mobile devices. Hence, it is really important in highlighting the design on e-commerce website from the aspect of mobile-responsiveness.

  1. No specific targeted audience for your e-commerce website

Every customers who visit your e-commerce website need a firm reason on why they should choose your website compared to other e-commerce website. By that, your website should have personal point of attraction in competing with other well-established e-commerce website especially on the targeted audience and in gaining the audience’s trust.

In having the specific targeted audience on your website, what need to be considered are:

  • Understanding on their personal interest.
  • Any possible subcultures that may related with them.
  • Their important values.
  • Their needs towards your product as a solution.

The more focused and more detail your analysis are, the better your product related to them.

  1. Unclear on ‘About’ section

Many e-commerce website have a really high tendency in ignoring on the ‘About’ section, as they believed it does not affect too much on the website requirements and the search engine.

That’s the part where they misunderstand on the purpose of the ‘About’ section. Basically, high number of viewers usually stop by on that particular section before they leave the website as most of the viewers believed that the ‘About’ section, is the most crucial section in looking up for the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) and contain details about the website.

Bear in mind that the ‘About’ section is not for you, but for the customers’ acknowledgement towards your e-commerce website. Specifically, the section should contain on the details of your brands towards customers’ better understanding.

  1. Lacking of details on the product image

It is common for every e-commerce website to include attractive visual in attracting the customer’s attention. However, there are some details that need to be considered regarding the product image on the website.

Among the problems that could occur related to the product image is undetailed description on the product specifically on the almost similar product such as laptop. For example, if solely depends on the visual, the detail differences on both of the laptop could be left out such as the size, the RAM and the specification on the processors.

In other words, the customers could not make any definite decision due to lacking of details on the product offered.

By avoiding such common mistake, you e-commerce website will have the ability in competing with other e-commerce website to your increase the market sale in number of customers.