6 Killer Tips for your eCommerce Site

E-commerce website companies can create solutions for different businesses in their industries. It can be to complement the sales of your physical store, or purely 100% of revenue is made online. Whatever it is, selling online requires some marketing skills and some website design know how.

Here are some killer tips to start your e-commerce site

Have a Simple Site that is designed to target your market

It only takes 3 seconds for customers to decide whether your website is interesting or to leave it. First impression is the key. To take advantage of this, make sure your website is designed to target you specific demographic.

Your Business should be defined

You should be able to write in a sentence what you are offering, the demographic your product is for and your goals. Make it clear and simple.

Your message should be clear

Take the one sentence definition of your business and create a message for your consumer. Make a motto out of your business definition that would stick with your customers.

Emphasize your Add to Cart Button

Remove the clutter and distractions from your product page and emphasize your big Call to Action button which is The Add to Cart option. Make it easy to decide for your shoppers.

Prioritize and easy checkout

Make it easy and simple for customers to proceed with their purchases by streamlining your checkout option. 65% of the time shopping cart abandonment happens at this point. Also offer visitors the option to checkout as a guest.

Update your customer

Great customer service is one of the reasons for customer retention. Update your customers with their purchases and send to them a tracking number to inform them that their item is on the way. Offer to them coupons and incentives to invite them back to your site.

Your main goal is to provide customers shopping in your online store a seamless, easy and simple way to shop along with the best customer service that would leave them with all the convenience of purchasing from you.