When you are a teenager, your idea of social media revolves around fun and entertainment. But take note that using social media also comes with certain risks. According to research, these practices can help you become more secure and happier when using social media:

1.Be who you are.

Peer pressure has been taken to the next level with the advent of social media. Still, don’t let anyone pressure you to be someone they expect you to be. Don’t let your true being as well as your relationships change because of social media.

2.Be nice even if there are people who are being mean to you.

Nobody wants to be bullied or harassed on social media. To keep that from happening, don’t show aggression towards other people in the first place. When someone’s bullying you or harassing you, simply ignore them and block them.

3.Think first before posting anything.

Never ever share very personal details on the Internet. There are people who faced problems because their provocative pictures were exposed on social media websites.

4.Keep your password to yourself.

This is common sense but many teenagers are victims of hacking because someone else know their passwords. Don’t share it even to your close friend. Things change, even friendships. Like passwords, your number should also not be shared to anyone.

5.Don’t be flattered with good words.

There are people trying to find romance or friendship on the Internet. While some only have good intention, there are people who use it to manipulate others. Reading between the lines is very important especially when a stranger approaches you and tells you how cute you are.

6.Never talk about sex with people you don’t know.

Practice vigilance in starting a conversation with random people, especially if the discussion is about your body or sex. Stop the conversation right there and if they continue messaging you, report them to authorities. Many teens these days are becoming victims of cybercrime.

7.Don’t allow strangers to meet you face-to-face.

If someone you just met online asked to meet you in person, think about it carefully. As much as you can, don’t encourage in-person meetings especially to people you just met on Facebook or other platform. If really needed, make sure it is done in a public place and you are not alone. At least tell your mom and dad about it or tag someone you trust along.

8.Use the security features of your phone.

Set a password for your mobile device. Smartphones these days already have a facial and fingerprint recognition.

9.Know how to use device locating apps.

Android and iCloud devices have a feature that lets you find your phone in the event you lost it. This allows you to locate your smartphone remotely.

10.Don’t be jealous about other people’s post.

So your friend posts happy photos and good stories about her life on Facebook. Don’t be intimidated by it. Just because these people always post about the good stuff that does not mean they are already better than you.