Constant Changing of SEO

The digital landscape is a fast-changing environment especially for the online marketing company. Several aspects of it, including SEO, are always changing. If you don’t update yourself with the latest trends, you will get left behind.

Three core aspects of SEO have changed since 2011.

1. Content Quality Standards

Is it True That SEO is Always Changing?The very first one is content quality standards. Back in the day, quality didn’t really matter much. Now, this has changed dramatically.

The other huge update that killed low-quality content creation was the update on EMD. It targeted thin content, and low-quality match domains. This devastated several niche website builders who refused to take quality standards seriously. The only solution for this is to create quality, compelling content.

2. Quality Standards on User Experience

The next big change relate on user experience quality standards. It’s a fact that website owners don’t take user experience seriously. However, this is an important aspect of online growth. It is user experience that will determine whether your readers and customers would go or stay.

User experience is crucial because it can help your search engine optimization performance, and increase your lead sales and volume.

3. Quality Standards on Backlinks

People always forget about quality backlink standards. Before, you can create any kind of backlink, and utilize keyword-rich text to rank fast. Now, you need to get backlinks from relevant websites, and use anchor text. Take note that not all backlinks need a 100 percent relevancy match.

So, these are 3 huge factors that changed the SEO landscape for the better. But, what about the future SEO changes? Surely, no one can predict the what the future of technology holds. Though, below are some educated guesses!

Study Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is it True That SEO is Always Changing?Voice search is on its way to becoming a major change in the SEO world. If you want to learn more about a more potent technology pair, then partner this concept up with artificial intelligence.

At this day and age, people don’t even need to type on their mobile phones, or open their computers to do something productive. This is advancement, but can kill organic web search traffic.