10 Social Media Practices Every Teen Should Follow

When you are a teenager, your idea of social media revolves around fun and entertainment. But take note that using social media also comes with certain risks. According to research, these practices can help you become more secure and happier when using social media:

1.Be who you are.

Peer pressure has been taken to the next level with the advent of social media. Still, don’t let anyone pressure you to be someone they expect you to be. Don’t let your true being as well as your relationships change because of social media.

2.Be nice even if there are people who are being mean to you.

Nobody wants to be bullied or harassed on social media. To keep that from happening, don’t show aggression towards other people in the first place. When someone’s bullying you or harassing you, simply ignore them and block them.

3.Think first before posting anything.

Never ever share very personal details on the Internet. There are people who faced problems because their provocative pictures were exposed on social media websites.

4.Keep your password to yourself.

This is common sense but many teenagers are victims of hacking because someone else know their passwords. Don’t share it even to your close friend. Things change, even friendships. Like passwords, your number should also not be shared to anyone.

5.Don’t be flattered with good words.

There are people trying to find romance or friendship on the Internet. While some only have good intention, there are people who use it to manipulate others. Reading between the lines is very important especially when a stranger approaches you and tells you how cute you are.

6.Never talk about sex with people you don’t know.

Practice vigilance in starting a conversation with random people, especially if the discussion is about your body or sex. Stop the conversation right there and if they continue messaging you, report them to authorities. Many teens these days are becoming victims of cybercrime.

7.Don’t allow strangers to meet you face-to-face.

If someone you just met online asked to meet you in person, think about it carefully. As much as you can, don’t encourage in-person meetings especially to people you just met on Facebook or other platform. If really needed, make sure it is done in a public place and you are not alone. At least tell your mom and dad about it or tag someone you trust along.

8.Use the security features of your phone.

Set a password for your mobile device. Smartphones these days already have a facial and fingerprint recognition.

9.Know how to use device locating apps.

Android and iCloud devices have a feature that lets you find your phone in the event you lost it. This allows you to locate your smartphone remotely.

10.Don’t be jealous about other people’s post.

So your friend posts happy photos and good stories about her life on Facebook. Don’t be intimidated by it. Just because these people always post about the good stuff that does not mean they are already better than you.

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7 Must-Read Tips for New Forex Traders

Thousands of new traders join the Forex market each day. What’s nice about this kind of trading is anyone can be efficient in it given that they follow the right technique. The bonus part is that it can be done online, wherever you are. If you want to gain in trading Forex consistently, here are the things you need to apply right from the very beginning of your journey:

1. Don’t be fooled into trading real money too early in the game.

One of the mistakes beginners make is assessing the results of a trade with only a little data sample. You cannot simply start trading in just a few days since learning about a new trading strategy.

2. Educate yourself first.

This is common sense but unfortunately, many people get into trading without having enough knowledge about it. Before you invest in trading, invest in knowledge first. There are many training courses out there that will help you learn about the basics.

3. Don’t look at the lower time-frame.

Many traders commit the mistake of looking at lower time frames expecting that they could come up with a good trading decision from it. Experienced traders don’t do this. Instead, they consider the daily charts when making a trading decision.

4. Avoid trading on your opponent’s terms.

Many new traders have the tendency to trade with their opponent’s terms in mind. If you want to be a successful trader, never ever chase the market. Instead, work on trading using your own terms at prices you can afford.

5. Learn how to manage risks.

It is critical to know how to manage risks properly. In other words, you have to be aware of how much you are willing to sacrifice from your capital in a day of trading. You should only be risking 2-percent of your entire capital for just one trade. Proper risk management will keep you staying in the game. Without it, you could easily give up.

6. Study the art of controlling your emotions.

As a new trader, it is normal to feel many kinds of emotions. A huge drawdown can happen to anyone. Are you prepared for the frustration and disappointment that comes with it? If not, then you better control your emotions as early as now. Think like a human but don’t let any of your emotions get in the way, as if you are a machine!

7. Enjoy the process.

We said you should not let your emotions control you. But that only pertains to negative emotions that may come along the way. Enjoy your new venture because when you love what you do, you will work on improving yourself even if things are not going according to plan.

Lastly, don’t forget that overtrading will be too risky for you as a new trader. You will not get a return of investment from placing all your trades in just a single day. It is easier to risk a small amount. There is less disappointment and less frustration if you ever lose.

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6 Important Features SEO

To serve its purpose, all SEO content should be able to stand out. If you can’t manage your website content strategically for seo search engine to find, you might as well stop your content marketing implementation and throw everything out the window.

SEO writing is a big deal, and we all want to know how it’s done. There are a lot of SEO online guides that can help you, it’s just that sometimes, they tend to contradict each other.

First, there is no perfect, definitive SEO strategy.

It is wrong to assume that there is only one way of implementing a good SEO strategy. There is no secret formula. A highly-ranked and high-traffic SEO content is always layered and complex.

There is no perfect way to do SEO because it always depends on the specific audience you are targeting and serving. Your readers and customers determine the main keywords that will work for your website content, and the ideal length for your blog posts. SEO is definitely audience-specific!

Second, quality SEO writing is written for human beings.

SEO has no formula. It is different for every website, audience and purpose. The second thing you should remember is that SEO algorithms are created to think, work and rank the way human beings would.

At the end of the day, Google’s purpose is to give the people the content that they want. Search engines would give them the pages would love to click. Align yourself with this thinking to be able to perform better.

Google’s algorithm is a robot, but you should not write for robots. We need to produce content for the humans that particular robot is trying to serve. You need to create “human-centric” website content.

4 More Genius SEO Writing Tactics That Can Help Your Website Content Rank Higher

At this point, you already know that the perfect SEO practice for you is the one that is tailored to your audience’s specific search needs. Produce content for humans, not machines.

You must do the following:

1.Choose and Utilize your keywords carefully.

So, you’ve found the right keywords to use? Evaluate each keyword and understand how it could work for your website content.

2.Produce Thorough Long-Form Content.

According to Neil Patel, 2,000 words is usually the minimum length for thorough, long-form content. However, this can change a bit, depending on the topic you are dealing with and the audience you’re are serving.

3.Use those keywords with big potentials.

Don’t try to rank higher for a keyword that is already tapped out. You wouldn’t want your SEO writing efforts to go to waste, right?

You need to browse through the search engine results, and then, analyze all the high-ranking content to know what made their posts work.

4.Make sure to add quantifiable value to your content.

You need to add value to your content marketing copy. This is a must for SEO and content marketing professionals. Thousands of words will be useful if you add teachable, valuable, good insights to them.

What is “value”? Well, it can be thoughts and opinions. It can also be data such as facts, statistics, experts’ point of view and more.

How to give your SEO post its best shot?

Since you’re still at the most basic level of efficient content marketing, your blog post and website content need the help of search engines to pick them up.

For Google and other search engines to pick up your content, you need to do effective SEO writing. Once you get to do that, you can give your content its much-needed chance to get read and rank well.

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6 Uncomplicated Social SEO Tips for Small Businesses

The Definition Of SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves the process that is taken to make sure that your website can be discovered in Google, or any other search engine results page. Engaging aseo services firm will help but the most important thing is to know it yourself first.

What is Social SEO?

Social SEO is the idea that the interaction and the social media links act as a huge role in search rankings of the website. It may sounds complex and complicated (even in the reality, it is) but SEO is mainly about the content optimization either on the platform of social media or in the website – to allow it to be appear higher in the search rankings.

Here are the list on the easiest tips of Social SEO that you can simply practice right now:

Explore and sign up at Google+.

Sign up for a Google+ Business Page and then spend at least 10-minutes a day exploring it.  Fill out the “About” part using keywords that exactly describe your business. You can also add a lot of customized links in your profile. This is a great opportunity to link back to your blog and other social channels. Are you willing to spend 10 minutes a day sharing posts on Google+? Do it, then you’re more likely to appear in Google’s SERP.

Fully optimize your social media profiles

Just be descriptive as much as possible in having the SEO friendly profile on social media. It is important to fill in the “Information” and “About” sections of your social accounts. Utilize any suitable phrase or words that exactly describe your company. Also, you would want to use terms that people would type in tas for looking for businesses.

Fully optimize your social media posts

To fully optimize your social posts, always include the most relevant search keywords in your content. Captions are serious in seo business. If you can, draft your tweets, Facebook updates and pin descriptions in advance.

Another important technique? Use your business name in these social media posts. This can help Google and other search engines associate with those keywords to describe your company.

Explore and use pinterest

Using Pinterest is one of the easiest ways to share content. This platform is the best way to enhance your keyword and link building strategy. Google would index those website pages with packed in traffic, and higher and faster in a SERP.

How can you increase your content’s visibility in search engine page results? Add keywords in your Pinterest board titles and descriptions, and use images that are high-reslolution.

Build a Google+ Local listing.

As per Google’s research, 97% of customers look for the online business community .

For you to accomplish better in the search of local result,  you should optimize your Google+ Local listing (this previously known as Google Places). It allows people to link with the company better in terms of company’s physical location. Make sure to update the most crucial details that are mainly related to your business, such as your address, hours of operation and phone number

Create links by making your content shareable.

SEO is a key factor in link building. This basically means that having good website to website relationships is good. This helps you to build more credibility. More credibility and authority equate to a higher SERP rank. High-quality website content, plus more links, plus more shares, equals to improve the SEO value.

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6 Killer Tips for your eCommerce Site

6 Killer Tips for your eCommerce Site

E-commerce website companies can create solutions for different businesses in their industries. It can be to complement the sales of your physical store, or purely 100% of revenue is made online. Whatever it is, selling online requires some marketing skills and some website design know how.

Here are some killer tips to start your e-commerce site

Have a Simple Site that is designed to target your market

It only takes 3 seconds for customers to decide whether your website is interesting or to leave it. First impression is the key. To take advantage of this, make sure your website is designed to target you specific demographic.

Your Business should be defined

You should be able to write in a sentence what you are offering, the demographic your product is for and your goals. Make it clear and simple.

Your message should be clear

Take the one sentence definition of your business and create a message for your consumer. Make a motto out of your business definition that would stick with your customers.

Emphasize your Add to Cart Button

Remove the clutter and distractions from your product page and emphasize your big Call to Action button which is The Add to Cart option. Make it easy to decide for your shoppers.

Prioritize and easy checkout

Make it easy and simple for customers to proceed with their purchases by streamlining your checkout option. 65% of the time shopping cart abandonment happens at this point. Also offer visitors the option to checkout as a guest.

Update your customer

Great customer service is one of the reasons for customer retention. Update your customers with their purchases and send to them a tracking number to inform them that their item is on the way. Offer to them coupons and incentives to invite them back to your site.

Your main goal is to provide customers shopping in your online store a seamless, easy and simple way to shop along with the best customer service that would leave them with all the convenience of purchasing from you.

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E-commerce Design That Should Not Be Ignored

Proper and suitable design for E-commerce will lead to a high number of sales. Here are the ecommerce web design that should not be ignored by the business owner or marketers.

High amount of creativity

Creativity in e-commerce is a good thing, but too much of creativity could backfire and lead the visitors to feel reluctant to finalize in purchasing the product. As e-commerce is a business website, achieving buyers trust is crucial as they are require to hand over their credit card and personal information. For example, a formal colour of background such as white, black or blue is enough. Too much creativity will reduce the buyer’s trust and vague the familiarity in security to the buyers.

Simple checkout step

Simple check out step it what buyer wants after purchasing their product and click the “checkout” button. Why adding more page after the customers had decided to finalize their purchase. There are possibilities that by adding multiple page and step to the customer, will give them more time to change their mind and not purchasing the product. One page for a customers’ checkout is enough. Besides, it can reduce the customers’ frustration as having too much steps on one single checkout.

Proper pop-ups

Pop-ups can be both good and bad. Good pop-ups such as ‘promotion’ or even ‘coupon for discount’ is good in encouraging the customers to stay on the website longer and purchase more product. However, advertisement or non-valuable pop-ups is a bad pop-ups and it can irritate the customers to stay on the website longer or it might redirect their intention on purchasing the products on the first place. By eliminating and adding some pop-ups it can act as the element of attraction or repulsion to the customer.

Additional of trust symbol

Even trust symbols like symbols of locks, an encryption message or even any security types of symbol can increase the buyers’ trust to the website. Even the purpose of the symbols is not obvious, yet it gives the meaning of secure and trust to the website. By that, it can encourage the buyers to purchase the product and keep scrolling through the website.

Short and simple description

Do you really need to add to much information on the product’s description? Having a suitable length of description with pack of information is good enough in making the customer understand the whole concept of product. Simple yet understandable information is what customers looking for on the product’s description.

h2 class=”pbody”>Detail on the checkout total

By having a proper details on the checkout page by having the customers’ amount of purchase, the usage of current can ease the purchasing and checkout process. Without proper details, it can burden the customer to press the ‘back’ button and feeling unconfident in purchasing the product from the website in knowing the total amount they are being charged. Having proper details on the checkout total can ease the purchasing process and have the possibilities of high number of buyers to visit the website.

h2 class=”pbody”>Highlight On the Footer.

Every website has its own footer such as privacy policy, terms and conditions, company’s name together with hyperlink to relevant pages that can act as the security indicator to the customers. Even as the matter of fact, no one read them, but having them in your website can make your website look secure and trustworthy to the customer.

By following such design specifically for e-commerce it can lead to a higher number of purchases from the customers and at the same time gaining more trust and attention from the viewers.

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Common Mistakes on E-Commerce Website Design

In dominating the world of e-commerce website, you should compete from the aspect of the website design.  However, there are many common mistakes that were made by the web marketer and it could reduce the possibilities to increase the number of visitor and increase the market sales of your digital business.

Here are the common mistake on e-commerce website:

Doubtful design

There is a study that been conducted whereby the researchers discovered that the design on e-commerce website plays a huge role compared to the content on the website for the users to decide on the trustfulness of the website. In other words, if the design on the website seems to be vague and unclear, the user will feel hesitate to open the website as they have their personal trust issue with the website.

By that, as the web developer, you should not simply being in charge with the web design unless you have proper ability and credibility in designing a proper e-commerce website.

How to do that?

  • By using reliable and tested e-commerce platform.
  • Up-to-date e-commerce design.
  • Proper theme that portray the product and service offered.
  • Invest more on the design of the e-commerce website.

Low responsiveness

It is compulsory for the e-commerce websites to have high responsiveness on any devices the website are being view in.

Among the problems that related to e-commerce website that usually related to the mobile responsiveness:

  • The layout of the website seems to be not fitted in.
  • Low website performance.
  • Difficulties in managing the online transaction.

It is a fact whereby at least 51% of adult are making their online purchase on their smartphone and that number keep increasing. On the online spending perspective, more than 21% are being done on mobile devices. Hence, it is really important in highlighting the design on e-commerce website from the aspect of mobile-responsiveness.

No specific targeted audience for your e-commerce website

Every customers who visit your e-commerce website need a firm reason on why they should choose your website compared to other e-commerce website. By that, your website should have personal point of attraction in competing with other well-established e-commerce website especially on the targeted audience and in gaining the audience’s trust.

In having the specific targeted audience on your website, what need to be considered are:

  • Understanding on their personal interest.
  • Any possible subcultures that may related with them.
  • Their important values.
  • Their needs towards your product as a solution.

The more focused and more detail your analysis are, the better your product related to them.

Unclear on ‘About’ section

Many e-commerce website have a really high tendency in ignoring on the ‘About’ section, as they believed it does not affect too much on the website requirements and the search engine.

That’s the part where they misunderstand on the purpose of the ‘About’ section. Basically, high number of viewers usually stop by on that particular section before they leave the website as most of the viewers believed that the ‘About’ section, is the most crucial section in looking up for the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) and contain details about the website.

Bear in mind that the ‘About’ section is not for you, but for the customers’ acknowledgement towards your e-commerce website. Specifically, the section should contain on the details of your brands towards customers’ better understanding.

Lacking of details on the product image

It is common for every e-commerce website to include attractive visual in attracting the customer’s attention. However, there are some details that need to be considered regarding the product image on the website.

Among the problems that could occur related to the product image is undetailed description on the product specifically on the almost similar product such as laptop. For example, if solely depends on the visual, the detail differences on both of the laptop could be left out such as the size, the RAM and the specification on the processors.

In other words, the customers could not make any definite decision due to lacking of details on the product offered.

By avoiding such common mistake, you e-commerce website will have the ability in competing with other e-commerce website to your increase the market sale in number of customers.

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