Competition is what drives us to become more excellent. If there is some healthy competition, you would always strive to be better than them. That is actually the philosophy behind the creation of the Strava App. Originally created as a run tracker, Strava has, since then, been upgraded with new features that can help competitive people track some vital information. This app is actually one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market. In fact, even Google has app designers their own “Google Fit” app based on Strava’s design.

Now, what made it successful? Well, it is actually a combination of things such as:
a) The App is free to install and more features can be unlocked by subscribing to a premium plan
b) Has trackers for nearly every sport such as swimming, climbing, running, etc.
c) Has a sizable community of sporty, athletic, and competitive individuals
d) Has a clean and intuitive interface
e) A unique feature that lets people motivate others through praise. If more people praise you for your performance, you will then be hailed as King/Queen of theMountain
f) The app is focused on inclusivity and there really is no discrimination within the community Strava didn’t achieve its success just based on sheer luck; there is actually a lot of work involved in the app creation process. If you want to know how to be successful like Strava, here are some strategies that can bring you the same success:

1. Ask Yourself for an Idea

Every app development process starts with an idea, and for you to gain one, you need to ask yourself the question, “what will my product bring to the people?” Basically, you have to ask yourself questions about how you can best develop something that will help your target demographic. Aside from asking yourself questions about your audience, there are also a few steps that can you help conjure up an app idea such as Business Analysis, Market and Competitor’s Research, what your Unique Value Proposition is and Prototyping, Testing and Feedback.

a) Business Analysis- Ask yourself if your app idea is something that is really needed on the market

b) Competitor Research- Look at application with similar features and think about how to make yours much better
c) Value Proposition- What is the main feature of the app?
d) Prototyping, Testing, and Feedback- Create many prototypes until you get the most stable version

2. Use Social Media for Promotion

Social media has become a perfect avenue for app developers to promote their products. Use popular sites such as Facebook, Reddit, and even Youtube to market your application. Create a brief description, add photos and videos, and even provide a link to the download page so that curious people can download and install your app.

3. What is Your Monetization Plan?

You can tell if an app is successful if it has many app downloads and the developer is raking in a lot of revenue. As the developer, what will you do to monetize your application? Strava, for example, employs a subscription-based model where there is a “Basic” and “Premium” plan. You can copy that or you can use either in-app purchases or in-app advertising models as well.


App success is really all about doing the right things- from creating an idea to using the right monetization scheme. Use all the tips in this article and I promise you that you will get good results for your own app.